Animation film to explain marine Biodiversity to children 
in English, French and Arab. 
This film was produced by the Specially Protected Areas Regional Activity Centre (SPA/RAC) with the support of the MedMPA network project, 
financed by the European Union.
Art/Animation/Sound mix Sofiya Voznaya
Scenario Rim Mathlouthi
Scientific advisor Mohamed Salah Romdhane
Educational advisor Samia Gharbi
Casting/Voice record Atlas Vision
Voices: French: Maya Kateb, Youssef Khmiri. English: Aicha Fehri, Omar Dimessi. Arabe: رنيم خمير, محمد علوي
With the collaboration of all SPA/RAC staff, in particularAtef Limam, Souha El Asmi, Asma Kheriji, Mehdi Aissi, Asma Yahyaoui, Anis Zarrouk, Lobna Ben Nakhla, Dorra Maaoui.

Arab version
French version
Characters research
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