Coda Story's documentary series uncovers the impact of Russia’s campaign to rewrite the history of Gulag survivors. 10 stories. I worked on animation and illustrations for 3 of them, check my Behance page for more information. Read the article by The Calvert Journal about different artists who worked on this big documentary project.

For the 30th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall VisitBerlin and Handshape Project thought up a special event and a special Monument. 
Strangers are invited to open a conversation, share stories and find ‘common ground’. Then, they shake hands, pressing a ball of clay. Their handshape is born. A lasting impression, and one of the many clay symbols of human connections that together will make up the Berlin HANDSHAPE monument, located Bernauer Strasse, where the Wall once stood. 
I made an animation short to explain this process which was published on social media to invite more people to participate. I also made postcards and flyers which were used during Handshape collecting campaign. My drawings and animation are here.​​​​​​​
Press items talking about this project and the Handshape's Monument:
BERLINER ZEITUNG Nelson Mandela special

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