Animated documentary series by Codastory about soviet labor camp survivors. 
This episode tells the story of Zeinep, a Tatar girl sent away to the far reaches of the Soviet Union. In 1944 Stalin's regime deported the entire population of Crimean Tatars.
Producer Oksana Baulina / Series Producer, Editor Katerina Patin / Camera Artem Guriev /Second Camera Alexey Yakovlev / Animation/Illustration Sofiya Voznaya / Production Assistant Ruslan Ablyakimov / Crimean Tatar Translation Lilya Ablyakimova / Executive Producer Natalia Antelava & Thomas Burns / Archival Research Natasha Josef / Archival Memorial International Russian State Film and Photo Archive © Coda Media, Inc. 2019
Final animation scene
1st version of the same scene
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