Animated documentary series by Codastory about soviet labor camp survivors. 
This episode tells the story of Valentina, young worker she participated in unarmed protests in the city of Novocherkassk (USSR) in June 1962. The workers at the Budyonny Locomotive Factory were protesting against conditions in the factory and food shortages. The situation there was exacerbated by Khrushchev’s decision to raise food prices across the country. Soviet forces dispersed protestors by snipers rifles: killed 26 and wounded 87. Shortly after events Valentina was arrested, judged and sent to a labor camp. 
Producer Oksana Baulina / Series Producer, Editor Katerina Patin / Camera Artem Guriev / Second Camera Anton Chekrygin / 
Animation Sofiya Voznaya / Illustration Maria Vlasenko / Production Assistant Polina Efimova / Executive Producers Natalia Antelava, Thomas Burns / Archival Research Natasha Josef / Archival Memorial International Russian State Film and Photo Archive Museum of the History of the Don Cossacks
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Animation scene by scene
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